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The cool kids met up at Critical Mass and executed a perfectly flawless Critical PASS before heading over to the Costume Crit. The hell is Critical Pass you say? Well, when Critical Mass leaves, everyone who is passing, just waits and leaves about 15 minutes later. So, about 40-50 people passed over to the San Diego Air and Space Museum where the Costume Crit course was all set up.

Now I’ve been going to this course about once a week and there is nevvvvver anyone in the parking lot. Well, of course the night of the race, a local radio station was throwing some huge event and there were cars all over the place. Super unfortunately, I had to make the decision of shortening the course, and NOT doing the one secret task that all the racers were gonna have to do. Kinda bummed me out at first but then realized that the course we raced was actually way safer once it was shortened.

So anyways. $5 buy in, 17 people entered, so the total cash pot we got was $85! First got $50, second got $25 and 3rd got $10.

And the winners were :

1st : Sergio Soto

2nd : Brian Kelly

3rd : George Damatto Lerma

While all this was going on, Eddie Kon was out setting up a bicycle Halloween scavenger hunt for us all! We met up at the bocce ball courts, lined up in a line, then had to sprint to the center of the court where there was a map waiting for us. On this map, was the locations of 13 pumpkins hidden throughout Balboa Park. For each pumpkin you found, you got a point. BUT. If you found a skull, you got a BONUS THREE points.

Yeah. It got heated. Not sure really who won to be totally honest, I just know that my team mate and I got 3rd 🙂

So, an incredibly and most major THANK YOU to everyone who came out, raced, rode, dressed up, organized, or whatever. This was a major homerun and it seemed a lot of you were interested in making this an annual thing so I’ll let you know when the next one is.

– Charlie Sears

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