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A couple of the regular homies that come out on AWLF rides  starting a club of their own called STREET ASSASSINS.

Bojac and Bolt, the two dudes behind it all, are all about RACES. Bojac won Leader’s Ride Fast : Take Chances Alleycat a few months back and since then, Bojac and Bolt have been representing San Diego at most of the Wolfpack Hustle events up in LA. The races they throw are just like them; FAST.

Yesterday, they threw their first official race, Baysassination, a race around the bay. Pretty much the same route that we do on the Bayshore Bikeride, cept they RACED it and it looks like SERGIO won!


Wait, didn’t he win the Costume Crit too?!


Dang man.. Sergio’s killing it!!

Stay tuned with Street Assassins : HERE !

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