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You straight up missed out if you didn’t go to this.

So like, twice a year, for the past three years or so, Community has been throwing these rad little Bike 4 Beer rides. They have progressively gotten a bigger and bigger turnout and this go around about 50-60 met up at The Pearl where the first beer was complimentary. From there we took a tad bit longer route over to Modern Times which is personally, one of my favorite micros to pop up. The homie Gunnar and I split a flight and everyone who wanted was treated to a rad little tour of the Modern Times process. It was really rad to see such just how much goes in to a new micro brewery. You can sincerely see just how much goes in to starting a beer company. Crazy.

After Modern Times, we headed over to SD Brew Project. Super mellow and local brew only spot with an amazing view off the side. From there we ended at Fathom Bisto Bait & Tackle which is suuuuch a chill little joint on a dock in Shelter Island. They got a bunch of brews on tap and just the fact that you’re on a dock is pretty awesome.

All in all, super good game. Amazing turnout, great route and best of all, GOOD BEEEEER.

ThanksĀ Community for throwing this! Already can’t wait for the next one..

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