( I was running super late to the CRIT and right when I got there I set everything up and bing bam blam started the Crit. I didn’t realize that it was like exactly 8pm on the dot so for all of you who showed up at like 8:10 and the race was already done, SORRY! Also, only got two photos. IDK man, YOU try throwing a race AND taking photos of it hahaha anyways, here you go – charlie )

So maybe about 20ish people showed up which is great considering that it IS winter + rumor has it that there weren’t that many more riders than that at Critical Mass the night before. Ten racers entered and once the race started, everyone had to grab a card from a deck of cards that was all over the ground. You had to have a card to podium and highest card got their entry fee back. Since 10 riders entered, the payouts were $35 to first, $10 to second, and $5 to highest card. None other than Brian Kelly from North County took 1st AGAIN followed Bojac who also had the highest card in the deck! IDK if he REALLY had the high card actually, it was between him and Bolt so idk Bojac you may or may not owe Bolt $5. You guys duke it out. Speaking of Bolt, he’s working on the edit. As we speak.

We were DONE by 8:10 then everyone kind of just went their separate ways. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported! These things are going to happen monthly so mark your calendars :


Also, the next CRIT on December 28th, will be a little different. We’ve been learning from what works best and the next one will be WAAAAY better. Same place same time, but we’re gonna do HEATS and BRACKETS. After, Eddie Kon is hosting a Christmas themed scavenger hunt!

Stay tuned for all the deetz and keep your eyeballs peeled for the edit!

The one photos of first place that kinda came out : Brian Kelly!



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