We do this ride ( the DDDT ) from Dunkin Donuts on Camp Pendleton Marine Base to Downtown San Diego. This ride is roughly about a 50 mile ride and if you know about Dunkin Donuts at all, you will know that 50 miles is pretty far in this case.

The ride goes like this in a nutshell :

Meetup downtown at 9AM sharp. We’ll drive you up in a van to Dunkin Donuts on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, then ride at a medium pace back to downtown. Not after we all enjoy some coffee and donuts to energize us right for the ride. We’ll ride back together, as safe as possible, and abiding by all the rules of the road as best as conditions permit. You can leave all your stuff in the van and not have to wear a backpack most of the ride home cause there will be two check points along the route where the van we drove up in will be waiting for you. in the van will be a bunch of energy bars and drinks and stuff. Also, some tubes and tools in case anyone’s bike breaks down. After the final checkpoint, you gotta grab all your stuff out the van though cause our driver will be taking off from there to return the trailer and get on with his life cause this gig has got to be so boring for him. From then on, the rest of the ride is downhill or flat, and about 15 more miles of fun.

Your $20 ticket for this unique and inclusive ride will pay for :

  • A spot in the van. ( only NINE seats so ACT FREAKING FAST AND BUY A TICKET ASAP if you’re going )
  • Some coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts.
  • Use of all the provided tools and tubes in case you get bike trouble.
  • Free reign of all the food, water, and energy drinks in the van as well.
  • Some AWLF DDDT swag.

There are only NINE seats available so if you want to do this, ACT FAST. You MUST buy a ticket online IN ADVANCE cause that is the only way we headcount. Once you buy a ticket online, we’ll send you an itinerary with all the info about the ride as confirmation of your seat. Just know that the meetup is at 9AM in downtown San Diego and we should be back in downtown San Diego at about 4 pm at the way latest.

This IS about a 40-50 mile bicycle ride with one hefty hill so make sure you and YOUR BIKE are up to the ride.

If you decide to get in on the guaranteed good time, invite a friend!

Check out the route : HERE

Photos from the last one in March : HERE



To get in on the ride, not the drive up; entry is $10.

You can get in on all the energy stuff, coffee and donuts, and tubes in the van.

We’ll be leaving from Dunkin Donuts at 10:30 SHARP.

Tickets must be bought in advance : HERE

Just fair warning for anyone South thinking about taking the train up. The train can be a huge hassle with bikes and if the bike racks are full, they WILL make you get off the train. Just sayin, taking the train is a gamble..


2 thoughts on “AWLF DDDT JANUARY 5TH

    • Jusssst changed the info to this David :

      ” So back when we first started doing DDDTs, we didn’t really have any kind of audience up in North County San Diego. Now we’d like to make sure North and South San Diego can get in on this fun.

      SO. For anyone up in North County San Diego / those of you who would rather meet us at Dunkin Donuts, we will be offering a discounted ticket of $10 which will pay for your coffee and donuts, energy bars and drinks + tubes and parts in the van if you need them.

      We’ll be leaving at 10:30 SHARP.

      Tickets still must be bought in advance off the website and they go on sale 12/9.

      FURTHER with all this – Tickets to get in on the ride up to Dunkin Donuts from Downtown San Diego in our van are $20. Obviously, there can only be 9 people in the van MAX. So if you wanna get in on this, BUY YOUR TICKET on 12/9. If more than 9 people buy tickets on that day, we’ll get another van. Seriously we can not stress enough that you don’t wait til the last moment to buy a ticket for the van ride up. If you wanna get in on it, help us out and buy a ticket so we can have a proper head count + get ahold of another van. ”


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