Matt Lingo was out at the CRIT last night snapping the photos to go along with the write up so while we all wait for him to work his magic, I decided to show you the photos I took last night while I was out on Eddie Kon’s XXXMAS Scavenger Hunt!

The following photos were taken with a Leica C, a point and shoot camera that I’ve been testing out. I figured, for a point and shoot, what a true test of the camera – NIGHT, ACTION, LOW LIGHT, & NO FLASH. So of course these photos aren’t that great but time was of the essence. Obviously, the more light, the better the photo. The one I took YESTERDAY came out sooo good though. So enough of that, check out all the fun you missed out on :

L1030063 L1030069 L1030070 L1030071 L1030073 L1030074 L1030075 L1030076 L1030077 L1030078 L1030079 L1030095

Winning TEIAM ^^^ Jason on the left, me in the center, and Kyle on the right!

I came so close to winning back in October but slipped up twice which made me place 3rd.

This time around I put everything I could into it. Kyle, Jason, and I made an AWESOME TEIAM.

So Eddie Kon hid 12 X’s all over Balboa Park marking the 12 days of XXXmas. For each X that the team found, they got a point. At three of the X’s, there was a porn picture. If your team got there and there was a porn picture, you had to take the porn photo with you and your team received a bonus 3 points. There was a one hour time limit so whatever team came back with the most points won. Kinda hard to follow but super easy if once you grasp it.

My team, we got lucky. The 3rd and 4th X’s had picures! So right off the bat we new we had a +6 advantage. We decided to find 11 of the 12 X’s and got back to the Organ Pavilion a good 5-15 minutes before everyone else which meant that we ended with 17 points.

I don’t mean to brag but WE TOTALLY CRUSHED IT.


Eddie Kon said he’s down to do it again January 25th after the next CRIT 🙂

Stay tuned..

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