square flyer


prob. fr. 1trunk (luggage) + 2show

TRUNK SHOW :  a preview of a designer’s latest fashion collection at select clothing stores prior to its general distribution.


Ray St is a one way street up in North Park and on the first Saturday of every month, the street is shut down and all the neighboring businesses open up their doors after hours and welcome everyone to come out and enjoy the evening. Seeing as the next Ray at Night is North Park Bikes ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we wanna do this proper. So, Eddie of NPBs is getting a DJ, two kegs, and we’ll be premiering a surprise short cycling film at 9:30!

We’ll be setting up our brand new booth at North Park Bikes showcasing all the products AWLF offers. You can place orders for T shirts, Tank Tops, and Hoodies but everything else you see in the online store will be available for you to purchase then and there. There will also be some things available at the Trunk Show that won’t be available online.

Also, any potential dealers, AWLF has dealer pricing now so if you are interested in carrying AWLF products in your shop / online store email Charlie at alphamail@theawarewolfs.com or he’ll be the one manning the booth if you’d like to speak in person.

Really hope to see you there! Spread the word and bring a friend.

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