L1040051 L1040050 L1040053


L1040058 L1040059 L1040062 L1040061 L1040070

DCIM101GOPRO L1040079

DCIM101GOPRO L1040081

DCIM101GOPRO L1040087


Last time we did this ride, we had one van. That meant that only 10 riders could go.

This time, we had TWO vans + roughly 10 riders met us at Dunkin Donuts!

So : 25 riders total did this DDDT.



And it couldn’t have gone any smoother. Got up there fine. Got our coffee and donuts fine. Road to swamis ( our first stop ). Conquered Torrey Pines Hill. From there, everyone broke off and went their separate ways but a handful of us ended up at Pokez for the most amazing burritos ever.


TEIAM. That went too good. We gotta do this again. How about February 9th?

If you already know you are gonna be down, buy a ticket : HERE

Oh and here’s the STRAVA! : HERE

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