Sorry for the late notice but there is a really good reason why the flyer is just now seeing the light of day.

Let me tell you real quick.


A few years ago, I stumbled across the then local artist Kai Martin. I’ve nevvver bought art at an art show, expect for this one time. He had THIS piece there that I just could not stop starring at. I couldn’t tell if the figure in the image was male or female, a warrior or a shaman. I also couldn’t tell if the ‘thing’ in the picture was holding a walking staff or a weapon. The extreme questions I had all around this image made me HAVE to buy it to take home to study in depth.

Fast forward a couple years and I still have that same image right next to my door that I walk out of every day. I see this image daily and still am totally captivated by it. For awhile, I just regarded the image as a really rad piece and I was happy I could support an artist that I felt was incredibly talented. But then I got to thinking.

I had always wanted to see a series of pieces depicting the MEANINGS of the full moons through out the year.

So who better to ask than my personal favorite artist Kai Martin?

In his artist statement on his site he says this :

“I use my experience and formal education in graphic design to express aesthetic balance in everything I do. Then I find ways to completely ignore the rules– and include things that get other art majors angry.”


Kai will be making all the FMBR flyers for us this year.

Can’t wait to see them all!

Be sure to check out all his art : HERE!

– Charlie


January’s full moon is often called the ‘Full Wolf Moon’ as the Farmer’s Almanac states :

“Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages.”


Meet at 7 to leave by 8 from Old Trolley Barn Park.

Anyone and anybike is welcome.

BOJAC is leading this one so “follow his fro, wherever it goes!”

But this is the route : HERE

More info about the ride : HERE

Hope to see you there!

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