1. This is what a size 59 State Bicycle Co. Black Label looks like out the box.



2. First things first. Cut that steerer! Cruised by Retrogression to get a little trim.

***IMG_1990 IMG_1993 IMG_2013 3. Then Rimskin laced up the bike with some digital camo designs.

Oh, and the front rim has a chalkboard Rimskin and then back rim is actually a black reflective Rimskin.

Pictures don’t do it justice.


IMG_2046 IMG_2098

IMG_2094 IMG_2068

4. Viola!

The end result : a mean looking, but still stock, State Bicycle Co Black Label.


Once I get some proper pedals, I’ll post a review of how well this bike actually RIDES.


Thanks to everyone who helped make this dream a reality!

Literally, could not have done it without you : Rimskin / State Bicycle Co. / Retrogression


      • Ok. Because I read a review from a rider who was also 6’2″ and he was riding a 57. This would be my first bike in my adult life. Don’t wanna make a bad choice. Is the difference between two sizes dramatic? Is it easier to reach the handlebars on a smaller or bigger bike?

      • Some people like a smaller bike to be more ‘nimble’ but if you’re just gonna be riding around and you’re 5’11” I think a 57 would be fine. You’d be cool with a 55 too but it might be a liiittle small for you and when it’s too small, your arms will get tired easier as well as your legs. Your legs won’t be able to extend all the way and you’ll lose power / efficiency. A good way to see what size you are, when you are standing over the bike with your feet off the pedals, your ‘junk’ should be jusssst about to touch the top tube. You’re probably really more like a 56 haha To conclude though, I’d say EITHER size, you’ll be happy but a 57 miiight be a little more comfy for longer rides and stuff. It is easier to make a smaller bike feel bigger but for an ‘adult’ bike, I’d say 57 🙂 Best bet, cruise by a shop and get sized up! Any shop would and should be happy to do it for you.

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