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Spent yesterday Geocaching around the Laguna Mountains with pops. We blazed new trails, crossed creeks, scaled tiny mountains, and found 27 caches!

I rode around my SE UVT which has a freewheel on it. It’s pretty much just a 26 MTB with 26×2.3s and no brakes. SO COMFY in the dirt.

If you don’t know what Geocaching is, look it up. Its a cheap form of entertainment and its literally EVERYWHERE. Its kind of like a world wide scavenger hunt with GPS devices. I wish it was around when I was a little kid but whats even better is that its around when I’m a big kid. This last photo was my favorite cache we found. The cache is zip tied to a fake snake! Scared me so much but I kept my composure and told my dad I didn’t get scared.

Dad, or CanyonWildcat, has found over 3,900 Geocahes! I’m ( AWLF ) caching up to him though! I’m just about to break 100!


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