To celebrate and promote the Bicycle Film Festival here in San Diego, KIND will be delivering a Kind care package accompanied by a flower to 2500 people around Downtown San Diego and select local ZIP codes.  These care packages are just like a little tube with a couple energy bars, BFF info, and a flower. Starting the 21st people can visit the Kind snacks website and sign up to send a package to someone for free!

Compensation is $600 for riders participating all days and adjusted accordingly for single days.

In short

Kind Deliveries
Feb 21, 25-28
8-10hr shift
60-80mi per day
~30 deliveries daily
Delivery dates are February 21st and 25th-28th.
The 21st will be a limited run for VIP’s and the bulk of the deliveries will happen between the 25th and the 28th.
Delivery times are 7am-7pm each day broken down into 8-10hr shifts.
Riders will be working for Kind snacks and will need to wear logo t-shirts, smile and have a good time.  Biggest requirement will be to deliver packages on time to intended recipients or leave an alternate package if recipient is not available.
We are looking for 22 participants. Preference given to anyone available for all days but everyone is encouraged to join in.
Anyone interested should get ahold of Jeff Umphres ASAP here:
Jeff Umphres
Who’s in?

^ Hit Jeff up!

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