PHOTOS : 3 / 16 FMBR

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So impressed. So proud. You all killed it.

The route we planned was kind of intense ( for a FMBR ). We mapped out a 15 mile route where it would be 14 miles before the first snack stop. About 40+ riders came out and at about 8:15, after telling the riders about the meaning of this full “worm” moon, we took off.

Our route led us casually down Adams where somehow we had a 3 bike pile up. Someone skidded or something and crashed causing two others to go down in the process. Some bikes got tweaked, and some knuckles got bloody, and our egos should be ok soon. Happens.

After Adams Ave, we planned to go down Fairmont which isn’t the most ‘bike adequate’ road. Figured, it would be about 8pm on a Sunday so hopefully traffic wouldn’t be crazy and sure enough, it wasn’t. We had the road to ourselves and it was smooth sailing down to Mission Valley. We got two flat tires before the snack stop but hey, that’s two LESS than we normally get on these rides so we’ll take it! Once we got to Old Town, grabbed some snackage, then headed to the final destination, Fiesta Island.

So we had been looking forward to this exact moment all month long. We knew that Fiesta Island would have nooo one on it and the time of day we would be there. Plus we knew of a super secluded and insanely open area where the moonlight was just absolutely BEAMING on us. I mean, we could see each others facial features from the moonlight. It was absolutely awesome. We ended up hanging out there until the beer started wearing off and the chilly nighttime beach weather beckoned us to make the journey home to our warm beds.



Thanks ACHEMELE crew for crossing international borders and coming up from TJ! Super appreciate it and hope you dudes had a great time.

Thanks everyone else who cruise out as well. Great turnout & great people + our girl to guy ratio went up a couple notches which was awesome to see too!

Mark the calendar cause the next one will be April 15th and we got some big plans for this one..


2 thoughts on “PHOTOS : 3 / 16 FMBR

  1. Awesome ride got some good wheelies in and made it out safe. Thanks for the great time can’t wait to ride with everyone again!!!

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