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This was the 4th Mustache March Madness Mash that The Cretins have hosted. This particular evening was extra awesome cause some of The Cretins just so happened to be doing a METAL DJ set at Quality Social. Since we saw this coming a few days before the ride, we decided to unofficially make this ride the METAL Mustache March Madness Mash 1. So, we met up at El Rey Tattoo & Barber. Once they closed up at 7, we headed off to The Pentagram. The Pentagram is a secret building we know about where there literally is a pentagram laid in brick on the ground. The building is an old historic building in Old Town and is only about 30ft x 30ft. Its really crazy and super METAL.

After we hung out for awhile, we MASHED downtown to Quality Social. I mean really though, we were cruuuuuisin. We got to Quality Social and I think all of us who were there  would just like to say :

1. Thanks for letting the DJs play METAL.

2. Thanks for letting us stinky bicycle punks in.

A lot of us we talking about how awesome it was that a ‘nice’ downtown place was doing such a NOT downtown thing. We all love downtown. Shoot, I live two blocks up the street from QS. But a lot of us, don’t quite really feel welcomed in most downtown spots OR we don’t even wanna go downtown cause the music suuucks.Thanks for opening up your doors specifically for a crowd like us.

We really appreciated it.

Next month we’ll get a bigger crowd.

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