PHOTOS : 4 / 15 FMBR

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About 60 riders left from Velodrome with us! Almost broke the record.

So we rounded up the pack, explained the meaning of the full moon, the route, our etiquette, then we were on our way. We made our way over to 30th street, a long, gradual decent towards the harbor, and then turned right on Harbor Drive to go to the planned liquor store. We got to the liquor store at EXACTLY 10:02 pm.. TWO MINUTES after they closed. Quick convo later let us to our long time favorite liquor store, City Liquor. It was there that we realized that Dustin, the designated ‘caboose’ of the pack ( yeah we got a caboose ), wasn’t with us. Turns out, HE got pulled over for rolling a stop sign with ALL OF US. The heck right?! He was a little back from the pack making sure we were all safe and sound like a good caboose should, but some officer picked the slowest of the pack off and issued him a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. BE-YOND-LAME.

Dustin made it to City Liquor and once he did, we all rolled off to the final destination, Liberty Station.

We rode along the harbor and casually concluded the ride on a pedestrian bridge where the Navy Seals were training underneath us. The moon was BEAMIN and we ended up turning in at around midnight. So we got ZERO flats but we got a ticket.. can’t win em all right? All in all though, great game! The Achemele crew came all the way from Tijuana Mexico, someone from Lakeside, North County San Diego, ALL OVER.

Thanks everyone!

Next one is May 14th!


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