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So my lady and I decided to cruise out to Pacific Beach for the day but the WIND had other ideas..

It was 20-40mph winds so palm tree leaves were falling EVERYWHERE, I literally saw ^ that sign fall over with my own eye balls, and sand was blowing sideways. San Diego is under a “High Wind Advisory” right now and some parts of the county are reporting winds of 100+ mph! While we were grabbing some (BOMB) breakfast at Kono’s, I saw this big ass black trash bag fly by us and land in the water. I’m pretty sure everyone who saw it too just assumed “that’s sad it landed in the ocean. Some seal is gonna die now.” I know that’s what I was thinking for a few seconds before I decided to freaking just get up, scale the mini cliff to the sand, and go grab the bag out of the water. My conscious got the best of me and I took action. I went and got the bag, and in the process found all kinds of other trash already in the water. I grabbed everything in eye sight, threw it all away, then finished my Big Breakfast #2.


I’m not saying, change the world and I hope to God that this post doesn’t come off as boastful, conceited, or anything like that cause that’s really not what I’m going for.

I’m JUST like you. I just MADE MOVES.

Action isn’t hard. It really isn’t.

If you don’t like something. DO SOMETHING.




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