To Hell & Back

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“Yesterday was UNREAL!!! Thank you to everyone that showed up to this event and helped support Team Cretins! We where able to raise over $1,300 for ALC!! Thank you to Retrogression for letting throw this event at the shop! Thank you to North Park Bikes and Nixon for the awesome raffle prizes! Thank you to LT Mex for showing up, slanging tacos, and being all around rad dudes!! Thank you to Chrome for the COVETED JERSEY and awesome roll top bags!! Thank you to Leader for the tent, tablecloth and stickers! Most of all thank you to the San Diego bicycle community as a whole for your unyielding support! We could not have done this event without each and every one of you! From the bottom of mine and Team Cretins’ heart, THANK YOU!!!”

– Lucas Evans. Team Cretins.


1st Female : Lidia Marin


3rd : Mark Caporale

2nd : Scott Ridout

1st : BOJAC “Owner of TWO Coveted Jerseys” ABRANTES


Currently with Team Cretins :

Goal : $17,000.00
Achieved : $14,454.56


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