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What an EPIC last DAWN PATROL.

Everyone starting showing up to The Awarewolfs HUB at like 8:45AM and by 9:15 we were out the door. All TWENTY (20) of us!

The ride was definitely was on the faster side. Definitely sorry to those of you we lost right off the bat.

Most of us had never been to Otay Lakes but Bolt and Thomas knew the route well. The ride was mellow rolling hills and once we got to the lake, the view was awesome. We rode past the Olympic Training Center and ended at a little gazebo thing which provided an epic view.

From there, the sufferfest began. For some reason all of us just seemed exhausted and the ride to Coronado wiped us out. The headwind was really intense and I’m pretty sure I was riding on a semi-flat tire most of the way. After I changed my ghost flat and bumped into Bojac on his lunch break, some of us got pizza, some of us got beer. Some of us rode the ferry back, some of us didn’t. All of us had a good time.

Thanks everyone who cruised out!

#stravaproof : HERE


We started these rides to get you to do the Ride4Water on June 21st.

Ride 200, 100, or 30 miles with us!

For the 200 and 100, we’ll provide transportation up.

Only $20 to sign up.

All rides end in Downtown San Diego for the Ride4Water Afterparty.

More info : HERE

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