PHOTOS : 6 / 13 FMBR

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For this Fullmoon, we decided to host a Fullmoon BikeRACE as opposed to our normal Fullmoon BikeRIDE.

Cause in a week, a few of us will be riding 200 miles in one day to raise funds to help solve the world water crisis with Ride4water.

So, a water themed alleycat had to be thrown.

Anyone and anybike was welcome and the entry fee was $5. Included with the $5 fee was a spokecard, a raffle ticket, and a water bottle. We spread the water bottles all over the ground before yelling GO at which point racers had to scramble and grab a bottle then dig inside to retrieve the map / manifest.

At Nothing Sacred Tattoo, Bojac’s checkpoint, racers had to chug a bottle of water then put an “I know Bojac” sticker on their bike. At the new waterpark downtown by the Star of India, racers had to find Chris Rivera wearing the Ride4Water jersey. And at the last checkpoint, racers had to dig around in the water of the Balboa Park Fountain for change.Also, racers had to get their water bottle that they got at the beginning signed off at each checkpoint.


1st : Spencer Schnorbus

2nd : Ricardo Juarez

3rd : Thomas Ballen


Was a super solid race.

Spencer took gold, followed by Ricky, then a suuuuper close Thomas Ballen.


After the race, we raffled off close to a million prizes compliments of :

Adams Avenue Bicycles, Brooklyn Bicycles, Retrogression, MJ’s Cyclery, North Park Bikes, Holland’s Bicycles, State Bicycles, Fyxation, Hold Fast, Protec, Knog, and Libre Tea.

Thanks to every sponsor for your support and thanks to everyone who entered the race or raffle!

With everyone’s help, we raised almost $300 to go towards our goal of $1,000.


The funds are for Ride4Water, a non-profit that will only use bike rides to raise funds to install water filters.

How could you not support that? We still got a week left to try and get to $1,000.

Plleeeeease help us reach our goal : HERE !


Thanks again everyone! Good game!

PS – The next time a fullmoon will be on a Friday the 13th is 2049..

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