I’m taking a hiatus.


I need tone down how many rides I host a week. Currently, I’m hosting 1-2 a week which, as a result, is making me neglect some relationships and financial obligations. For the past year, I’ve been working part time just so I could be available to partake in opportunities that crossed my path. Like that KIND Snacks / BFF Flower Delivery gig. No way I could have done that if I was working full time. This past year I made the least amount of $ I’ve ever made but I’ve never been happier. I got to pursue my artistic outlet and use San Diego as my canvas. You’ve all listened to what I have to say and trust me to take you on awesome rides. I’ve met a ton of people over the past few years and they’ve all helped me make The Awarewolfs what is. I’m so thankful for everyone’s response and can’t believe I get to do what I do.

 I need a break because I’ve had my fun this past year barely making my ends meet. I’ve hosted plenty of rides / races and now, its seems that I don’t really have to anymore. There’s plenty of you out there who are fiending to host your own events. In the past year or so, I can think of 5+ new bike crews that have started here in San Diego. All of them different in their own respective and awesome way.


So, what’s the point Charlie?

First and foremost, I need to focus on my job, my relationship with my girlfriend, and my social life.

Secondly, I want to focus on making Fullmoon Bikerides BETTER, The Awarewolfs as a lifestyle brand, Ride4Water, and furthering myself as a writer / photographer. I’m also considering publishing a photo book of the past few years and the rides The Awarewolfs has been a part of.

Lastly, I personally will no longer continue hosting the weekly Veloroam or the monthly CRIT.

Veloroamers, you guys know what to do. Its a bike ride after TNR. You don’t need me to plan a route and end destination every week. The Veloroam isn’t CANCELED. Just don’t expect me there every week to lead you. Maybe we can do a sign up thing where each week someone else can plan the route / end destination? If you think that is a good idea and something you would like to do, email me. (alphamail@theawarewolfs.com)

CRITers, sorry but these events are sketchy for me to host. So much is on the line and something could go terribly wrong very fast. At the end of the day, “I’M” the one responsible and that kind a terrifies me haha I can’t believe we got to host races where we did and I’m at this point, I would rather quit while I’m ahead than have something horrible happen.

The DDDT , DDTJ, and BSBR are fun and I hope to do them again, but I’d rather focus on some other rides ideas..

I’m hoping I can come on some of YOUR rides and enter in YOUR races for a change. I wanna win $100 tattoo gift certificates and bike parts too! haha


I need to delegate. I’m currently trying to assemble a semi-‘official’ TEIAM AWLF.  People willing and ready to host rides or races using The Awarewolfs name. Maybe you’re not a host. Maybe you are a photographer and could take photos of a race. Maybe you are a writer and could write about an event you went to. You see what The Awarewolfs does. You know your talents. If you want to do what you do, for The Awarewolfs, email me – alphamail@theawarewolfs.com

Let’s talk. I could use all the help I could get.

I’m not going anywhere. I’m still here. I’m not like, never going to the track again or something. I just need to be a normal dude for a bit.

I need to go on mellow rides with some homies. Not leading 40+ riders to destinations they’ve never been.

I have a lot going on. Way too much for one person to handle.

If you think you can help me / The Awarewolfs out, seriously, lets make this happen.


This Saturday the 28th, will be the last night I have The Awarewolfs HUB.

Cruise by. BYOB. Low key. Let’s talk. Let’s make moves. Let me help you help me.

Thanks for your time. Be safe out there!

– Charlie Sears

photo credit : City Grounds

I’m not a non profit but if you’d like to leave me a donation, which I always spend in ways to further The Awarewolfs name, follow this link : HERE

Picking up something in the store is a great way to support too. All items are American Apparel and hand printed by myself in Normal Heights. : HERE

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