PHOTOS : 7 / 12 FMBR

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Good game TEIAM!

First things first, sorry to anyone who got dropped. The pack has definitely been shredding this summer. We’re all a LOT faster than normal..

After meeting up at Chicano Park, the pack steady mashed up Harbor, past the airport, and over to Ocean Beach. The weather was PERFECT, the moon was creeping up over the downtown skyline, and by the time we arrived to Ocean Beach, the moon light could have lit our way. The Full ‘Buck’ Moon was glimmering off the San Diego River and at 10pm, the fireworks at Sea World gave us a perfect night cap.


Gotta say though. We’re disappointed. We’re not disappointed with the pack, we’re disappointed in the way drivers treated us..

We were riding as safely as possible but that didn’t stop us from getting some maaaajor harassment from a couple cars. One car dangerously sped to the front of us just to slow WAAAY down, and then he pulled into a driveway and back out just to do it all again! We did nothing wrong, we were totally legal, we even caught up to him at the red light where we all EEEEASILY could have made his night horrible but guess what?


We respect cars and drivers. We expect respect in return.

As simple as that.


So why do drivers feel entitled to bully cyclists?

Its the greatest mystery of our generation but rest assured that there ARE moves being made to protect cyclists. San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, BikeSD, and similar organizations have been meeting with police and county officials to make sure that some sort of ‘cyclist civil rights’ are in place. Its a long process to enact a law and yeah a law doesn’t mean anything to some people but regardless, the simple solution is, don’t give a reason for a driver to get pissed at you. As in, stay in ONE lane, stop at lights, etc. Respect the rules of the road and HOPEFULLY drivers will respect YOU.

If they don’t respect you, how you handle the situation is up to you. Bashing their window or cursing at them, will NOT solve the problem.

Kill em with kindness. Somehow. Or just carry on and ignore them.


Thanks everyone who cruised out! The next FMBR will be on August 10th!

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