Believe it or not, this was my first alley cat I had ever ENTERED.

I’ve hosted a handful and attended plenty but this one, I decided to enter.

Here’s how mine went :

IMG_0941 IMG_0942

All day, San Diego had off and on rain. There was a light drizzle at the meet up but all of us were eager to shred.



The manifest was THREE PAGES!!

This race wasn’t necessarily about speed. It was about points. You got points by how well you completed tasks, found multiple random spots, took photos of specific things, or if you brought back scavenger items. Certain things were worth more points than others and there was no set route. We had a three hour time limit and four mandatory checkpoints that we could go to in any order.

We had 10 minutes to dwell on the manifest and plan an attack. When GO was yelled, I noticed a large pack of racers dead South.. so I went North..



That’s Taylor in the photo. He just moved from Portland and we helped each other throughout the race

First spot we went to was the Quince St Bridge ‘Community Library’. It’s like this little birdhouse kind of looking thing right by the bridge. We had to bring a book back to the afterparty to get some points.

First book I laid eyes on was ‘The Tenderness of Wolves’.




Some address we had to find in Banker’s Hill. We had to fill in the blank :

“On this site in 1897 ____________ happened?”



Bonus points if you took a photo of a COEXIST sticker!


Bonus points if you took a photo of something with “a sponsor’s logo” on it..

Hey, its an alley cat. Anything goes..


We had to go to the University x Vermont chalkboard wall and write :

Before I die I want to WIN THE BDP ALLEYCAT !


First mandatory checkpoint Taylor and I went to was Messy Jessie’s where Kate Cowper had us do the hot sauce challenge.

I went for the GHOST PEPPER sauce, obliterating my taste buds but scoring 20 points.


The second mandatory stop we went to was Teralta Park where we had to do a U-lock toss.

After I tossed my U-lock, I looked to my right to see something strange ride by…



If we could get a photo of the ever elusive (and blurry) bigfoot we got X points.


The third mandatory checkpoint was Golden Hill Park for ONE SHOT bike polo.

I totally sucked at this and the ball hit my spokes and didn’t even go through the goal.

And judging by this photo, it looks like Taylor’s wasn’t the best shot either..

mmoooving on.. haha

***IMG_0965 IMG_0966

The fourth and final checkpoint we went to was The Chain where we had to change a flat.



Spotted a BDP sticker on The Chain’s window which got some extra points.


 Pokemons were hidden on the back of Interstate 5 signs and if you found em you got some points!


One task was to go to Pokez to find out how much a Chimichanga was.

Killed two birds with one stone and found a picture of a sugar skull which got us bonus points.


Last bonus thing I had time for :

A photo of yourself in front of the Centro Cultural de la Raza.


After crunching all the numbers, this happy dude holding the Leader 721 came out on top!


And guess what, I GOT SECOND and won a Chrome Soma Bag!

Check out all the prizes for the raffle!IMG_0977

There were so many prizes for the raffle that pretty much, if you entered, you’d probably win SOMETHING. I ended up coming home with that bag, a pump, like three water bottle cages, and some T shirts. Sweet right? Knowing that the bucks I spent on the raffle are going towards Bikes Del Pueblo’s goal of securing a permanent shop is even better though. I’ve always loved what BDP is about which, as their shirts read, ‘keeping kids ON the street’.

Bikes Del Pueblo is raising funds to try and open a permanent spot. They’re currently at like 20% of their goal.

Check out this video about their fundraiser :

Now go help them out : HERE !


Thanks Bikes Del Pueblo and everyone who helped out for the great race!

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