PHOTOS : 8 / 10 FMBR

IMG_2358 IMG_2350 IMG_2371 IMG_2374


( But only four photos?! Yeah we used this ride to FILM a bit.. Stay tuned for a lil AWLF VIDEO in the near future! )

About 40+ shredders met up at Ruocco Park in downtown San Diego where the weather was beyond perfect. The sunset in the west was immaculate and the moon peeked out from the east right after we started riding. The pack first rolled over to Chicano Park where our homie Randy was waiting for us.

Randy is the MASTER of cutty routes in San Diego. He has a way of knowing the best way to get a group of cyclists from A to B. Sure enough, we had a planned a straight route South but Randy led us on this route that took us inland towards National City a bit. We encountered a sweet hill and Randy even tried to get us to stop and find this buffed out Space Invader. Our pack was too large and a number of other reasons stopped us from checking out the Space Invader so we kept shredding to our end destination, J St. Marina Park in Chula Vista.

We suffered two flats and one crash. Other than that, it was an EPIC ride.

Thanks everyone who cruised out!

The next one is on September 9th – The Harvest Moon.

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