^ Joe Kelley and I decided to cruise up to Solana Beach.

This was the first time I had ridden down Torrey Pines Road. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. IMG_1170

^ Poor little dude.. Seconds before being unrecognizable..


^ Java Depot stop in Solana Beach.IMG_1177

^ Del Mar.


^ Joe saving energy for Torrey Pines. For those of you that know this hill, we went up the RIGHT road – Torrey Pines Park Road.

So today was the first time I went DOWN Torrey Pines and the first time we both went up the road to the RIGHT.IMG_1180

^ This photo doesn’t do the hill justice. This thing is STEEP.


^ Once you get up top though, it levels out and turns into this. IMG_1193

IMG_1191 IMG_1190

^ Found some cliffs over Blacks Beach with an AMAZING view.


That was our Monday. A solid 50+ miles.

How was yours?


Photos and words by Charlie Sears.

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