At 8am on a Saturday I took off from Santa Fe Depot in Downtown San Diego and I rode until I got to Disneyland. The ride is over 100 miles and it is a ride I had been wanting to do for a long time. I had done the Ride4Water 200 back in June so doing a 100 miles in a day seemed like a piece of cake. If I just took my time and paced myself, I’d get there.

First stop was at a coffee shop about 15 miles away in Sorrento Valley called Zumbar – I had to get my morning coffee.

After coffee, I casually rode and took small breaks here and there until San Clemente where I decided to stop at Pizza Port for some pizza. I had about 40 more miles to go from there..

From San Clemente, I took Pacific Coast Highway until I got to the Santa Ana River Trail. Once I got on the trail, it was a straight shot inland to Disneyland. This trail reminded me a lot of Silver Strand we have in San Diego because it was all flat and it was a smooth bike path.

I finally arrived at Disneyland at 8pm.

The whole time while I was riding I had a sign on the back of my backpack that said “San Diego to Disneyland”. Along the ride, cyclists were cheering me on and cars were honking their support. For once, cars were honking at me not to get off the road but for me to keep pedaling!

The next day I went to Disneyland and for those of you that don’t know me; I looove Disney. I’m Actually in a Disneyland  Social Club called “Main Street Elite” where every last Sunday of the month we have a huge meet with all the members of the club. It was awesome to see everyone and they couldn’t believe I had ridden my bike all the way there!

I’m hoping to plan another ride to Disneyland soon. Thanks for reading and checking out the photos!


Photos / words by Chris Rivera

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