The first Costume Crit was in 2013.

We found that the perimeter of the San Diego Air & Space Museum makes for a PERFECT oval track. It’s got a slight downhill, modest uphill, and a couple sharp turns. The course was definitely our favorite course to throw races on because the route, view, and backdrop are just way too perfect. Since that first Costume Crit, we’ve hosted a handful of other races on this course but stopped using it cause private events would be going in the museum or something like that and we didn’t wanna step on any toes ya know.

We were worried all month, hoping no events would be going on this night.

We tooootally lucked out…

IMG_1265 IMG_3689

Used nearby cones and signs to close off the course to traffic while Ricky took a leaf blower to the narrow lobby straight.

Chris even brought lights to light up this dark part of the course.






Lots of spectators showed up which is always awesome!


 IMG_3721 IMG_3720 IMG_3733 IMG_3724 IMG_3736 IMG_3716

IMG_3737 IMG_3715 IMG_3723 IMG_2608

We ended up combining the Road / Fixed division and the weiners were :

1st : BOJAC ABRANTES ( Retrogression )

2nd : NICK BROCK ( Dos Llantas )



Only four of em but we were still suuuper happy to have the FIRST ever FEMALE division in one of our CRITS!

***IMG_3701 IMG_3709 IMG_3708 IMG_3704

Kate Cowper here took home the gold!

Well, took home $20 actually.



After the races, Jeff-Tron led us on a little ride around town!


IMG_1270 IMG_1269

We mosied (mozied?) over to the fountain and then over to Pioneer Park where we capped off the evening.

All in all, a super rad night.

Thanks everyone who cruised out! Good game!


Stay tuned for the next The Awarewolfs gig by following on Instagram, Facebook, at here :


Photos : Nick Brock / Charlie Sears

Words : Charlie Sears

Apologies for the blurry photos… this new lens isn’t working out too well…

– Charlie

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