PHOTOS : 11 / 6 FMBR

IMG_4029 IMG_4018 IMG_4017 IMG_4014 IMG_1276 copy IMG_1290 IMG_1285 IMG_1284

Good game everyone!

A solid 40+ riders came out and shredded from Golden Hill Park over to Pioneer Park. Outta no where this dude Gabe showed up and ripped a song on an accordion!

Our ride was a casual stroll with NO FLATS and we tried our best be a positive example for urban cycling. We stopped at lights and the pack communicated with each other super well. Major thank you everyone for playing along with all that! The ride ended at Pioneer Park where some of us played ultimate frisbee in the fullmoonlight with a light up disc. It was an INTENSE game and major shout out to Randy for bringing the frisbee! Good call bud.

And that was that. Thank you thank you everyone who cruised out!

Not that we’re keeping track or anything but that was our 49th FMBR we’ve hosted… Sooo… that means that December’s full moon, the last full moon of 2014, will be the 50th Fullmoon Bikeride we’ve hosted! What in the freaking world should we do?!

Stay tuned to us on Facebook or Instagram (@theawarewolfs) to be the first to know!

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