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Brrrr… That was a cooold FMBR!

About 30-40 shredders showed up to ride under the Full Wolf Moon. The ride was on the Sunday night before normal people go back to work from the holidays, so traffic was minimal and the streets were emmmpty.

The route started with a LOT of downhill and so we kind of expected the group to get separated. Sure enough, we did. And hey, these things happen. The main group made it to the end destination but not without stopping at a liquor store for snacks first. Too bad they went to a different liquor store than the planned route showed cause the other group went and waited at the planned stop. (SORRY second group! Totally dropped the ball on that one haha Glad you guys were able to find us at the end spot though!)

Eventually, we ALL made it to the end destination – even that roller blader! We didn’t hang at Mission Bay for too long though cause none of us were prepared for how cold it was there on the water. After we chilled for a minute, we were back on the road and going our separate ways home.

Thanks everyone who came out and rode!

Happy to report we had ZERO flat tires. Yaaay!

Great way to start off 2015.


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