#‎TBT‬ to the 2014 Ride4Water Summer Solstice 200 / 100.

From March 6th-15th, I will be heading down to La Libertad El Salvador with Ride4Water to do our FIRST clean water filter installation! I’m beyond stoked to document this trip and am so excited for the experience.

Ride4Water is a non-profit that I’m honored to help start. We use bike rides to raise funds to provide clean water to people that don’t currently have clean water access.

Last year, this 200 / 100 mile we did ride raised us enough funds to begin our operations and since then we’ve raised enough to fund our first trip. We’re heading to one of the poorest countries out there, El Salvador. Did you know 1 in 9 doesn’t have clean water access? Could you imagine not being able to flush a toilet, wash your hands, or take a shower? To over 750 MILLION people, that life is a reality.

Aside from installing the filters, I’ll be taking photos and documenting our journey while updating the Ride4Water site daily.

Thanks to everyone who has ever donated or supported Ride4Water. Can not believe that this trip is actually happening!

If you’d like to donate to my personal fundraising responsibilities, well, that would just be awesome. (I’m so close!) If not, no worries :

If you’d like to check out more about Ride4Water :

PS – That jersey in the photo is the 2014 Summer Solstice 200 / 100 jersey. Wait til you see what we have planned for this year’s ride…

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