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I recently had the chance to meet / sync up with San Diego native Joven Sibug to chat about his new San Diego based courier service – Courier Collective.

For those unfamiliar, bicycle couriers or messengers,  once played a vital role in urban cities; quickly getting important items from one side of a city to the other via bicycles. Back in the day, law firms, architects, and other legal practices utilized couriers daily. A bicycle courier is an efficient delivery method with an incredibly low overhead. They don’t need parking, normally know the city better than most, and can / will zip past traffic to get your delivery to it’s destination ASAP.

But times have changed haven’t they? We’re connected in more ways we can keep up with and email is making times tough for traditional courier companies. But with the changing of times, Joven aims to change the typical courier experience.

Like providing restaurant delivery.

Delivery for a restaurant is harder than it sounds. There is a ton of logistics that need to be worked out and at the end of the day, traditional delivery is really expensive for a restaurant to offer. Most restaurants, especially new ones, can’t or don’t want to afford delivery vehicles, let alone an employee to leave the place of business and deliver the order. That’s where Courier Collective comes in. The restaurant coordinates with Courier Collective and has them deliver the restaurant’s orders via bicycle.

So far, feedback has been fantastic. Some regulars have their ‘favorite’ couriers and Joven can see San Diegans catching on to the idea of bicycle food delivery. It’s a relatively new concept for San Diego that has been tried and true in larger cities like NYC and SF – both cities where 26 year old Joven has 10+ years experience being a messenger.

Joven hopes to soon have messengers zoned in key neighborhoods and eventually have Courier Collective woven in to the fabric of everyday life in San Diego. Further down the road he hopes to have Courier Collective based out of a physical address which would also double as a curated bicycle boutique / venue / gallery.

And with the rate San Diego’s cycling infrastructure and cycling community has been growing, the future looks bright for Joven and his Courier Collective…


Courier Collective currently delivers for :

Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria

Berkeley Pizza

Rare Form Delicatessen





Check Courier Collective out more here :

INSTAGRAM : @couriercollective

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