PHOTOS : #FMBR55 5/3

Photos + words by Charlie Sears

#FMBR55 :


^ Brought some AWLF gear to give away / sell but mom and dad surprised us all by showing up with home made cookies!



^ This was the initial “end point” but we rode here so fast and the pack decided to keep heading South.


^ We ended up at Bayside Park. The sky was so overcast we never saw the full moon.


IMG_4415 copy

^ Spin the bottle of Evan Williams.

***File May 04, 9 08 35 AM

^ Caught the freshly paved bike route out of Bayside Park!


And that was #FMBR55.

No bad vibes, no flats, no crashes and a solid 16 miles round trip.

Hats off to Mommawolf + Poppawolf for the cookies too!


I’m hosting one more Fullmoon Bikeride in San Diego before I move to NYC

It’ll be June 2nd and we’re gonna have to blow it up…

Stay tuned for #FMBR56 deetz!

– Charlie Sears


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