Photos + words : Charlie Sears


IMG_4373 copy

^ Joven Sibug of Courier Collective hosted.

(Read more about him / Courier Collective : HERE )

This C.R.E.A.M. Cat was the first of it’s kind recently here in San Diego. The race was sponsor-less, fundraiser-less, $3 entry, winner takes all the cash, and winner hosts the next race. A lot of heavy hitters came out and really gave it their all too. It was super juicy and an awesome format for sure!


^ Before yelling GO, Joven told everyone that he had just posted three of the five checkpoints on Courier Collective’s Instagram (@couriercollective).

Riders could go to these checkpoints in any order they chose and riders had to take a photo of each checkpoint.

At Berkley Pizza riders found out the last two checkpoints.


IMG_4386 copy

^ GO!


IMG_4387 copy

^ “Murk that pigeon and I shoot the television” – Cappadonna

“Hold the Heater” – Wu Tang

***IMG_4389 copy

^ Aaron Johnson screeching to a halt and securing first!


Below photo yoinked from Aaron Johnson’s Instagram : (@brakeless_savage)Aaron 2


1st : Aaron Johnson (@brakeless_savage)


The first C.R.E.A.M. cat was a total success!

Stay tuned for the next one’s info.

Shootin for May 17th and Aaron will be hosting!

His race, his rules this time.


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