SS Jersey Arm Warmer Mockup***

Seeing as Ride4Water’s roots are in water, we were inspired by the iconic Breton Sweater. The Breton was originally a knitted, striped shirt for French navy seaman in Brittany. The original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories.

– Stripes are a classic way of identifying your team and gives this jersey a timeless look. The deep navy and white stripes make this jersey incredibly versatile.

– The back features a simple tri-split pocket for riding convenience.

– The inside collar modestly reads “How far will you Ride4Water?”.

The Awarewolfs designed our jersey to be something you might actually WANT to wear. We didn’t want to blast our logo all over you or make you look like some neon advertisement coming down the road.


(Hopefully) Shipping week of June 15th!


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