PHOTOS : #FMBR56 6/2

Photos / words by Charlie Sears

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This was the 56th Fullmoon Bikeride in San Diego and also the last one Charlie Sears, The Awarewolfs founder, led before moving to NYC. We met at the San Diego Velodrome on a Tuesday night – theeee night to watch the races. It’s kind of community night (free to get in and BYOB) so it was a no brainer to have the ride meet from there. It was hard to tell who in the stands was there for the ride but once the races ended, it’s safe to say that about 100 shredders hung out on the grass waiting for the FMBR to take off.

At 9:30ish, Charlie Sears got up in front of everyone and told them all about the meaning of this Fullmoon, and also about how The Awarewolfs ride. After saying THANKS to everyone and explaining the route, we were off!

The pack was so large that we got separated pretty much right off the bat. Think about it, 100 people can’t all make the light and we rode a little faster than normal so – sorry if you got lost or dropped! Hope you made it to Blind Lady Ale House though!

We ended the ride at BLAH were we had the left side of the place reserved for us. They left a couple DVDs for us to choose from and we went with the 1986 Kevin Bacon flick Quicksilver. If you haven’t seen it, SEE IT. It’s like the rooooots of urban cycling! Last call was a little after 11pm and that’s also about when we all went our separate ways and most of us called it a night.

And that was FMBR56.

But stay tuned for FMBR57 and FMBR58 cause July has a BLUE MOON!


“I just want to sincerely say THANK YOU one more time to all of you. Thank you for coming out on these rides. All 56 of them. I’m really gonna miss you punks.”

– Charlie Sears


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