#FMBR57 :

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^ Despite the rain, a solid 30+ came out to our 57th Fullmoon Bikeride at the brand spanking new Courier Collective space. Courier Collective just moved in here so we had a few visitors from the dive bar next door. Courier Collective will be dispatching riders out of the back and turning the front room in to a retail / club house of sorts. We can’t wait to see this place grow esssspecially with summer coming up. Stay tuned for way more events outta this space…

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^ After we rounded everyone up and said a few words about the full moon, the route, and how we ride – we were on our way. The rain stopped pretty much the same time we started the ride and the moon peeked out a bit to say hello.


^ We blasted down University and through Hillcrest hitting (what felt like) EVERY red light.


^ The roads were slick due to the rain but our route called for a descent down either Washington or Presidio. A crash was unfortunately pretty inevitable and sure enough, half way down Presidio, three crashes happened at about the same exact time. Everyone was fine, no one got too hurt, and after we licked the wounds a bit, we were back on the road.


^ The secret goal was to get to Fiesta Island by 8:50 so we could catch the Sea World fireworks show. We made it there JUST in time for the grand finale. We regrouped and took off to do a huge lap around Mission Bay.


^ We blasted off around the day after the fireworks. Sorry to anyone who got dropped or separated from the group! We enjoyed a nice tailwind and mashed around Mission Bay – FAST.



^ Things got a bit wacky trying to figure out how exactly to get to our end point, South Shores Park, but eventually after going the wrong way down a 4 lane one way, we made it.  Super secluded and off the beaten path, South Shores park is a rad place to hang out in peace – which we all did before going our separate way home.


^ The Dos Llantas #nohandwednesday squad. Every Wednesday evening, Dos Llantas hosted a group ride. Seeing as this full moon fell on a Wednesday, it was a no brainer to combine the rides.


So, #FMBR57 was a total success and we (Courier Collective + AWLF) can’t thank you enough for coming out and checking out the new space! This event was the first of MANY we’ll be pumping out this building. With summer right around the corner and a brand new “bicycle club house”, we’ve got big plans to do some big things for the San Diego cycling scene…




Meaning, July 31st is the second full moon in this month. This rarely happens. Like, once in a Blue Moon does this happen.

Stay tuned for what we cook up for #FMBR58!


“Just wanted to reiterate, I love you all so much. I told you all that I’d be moving soon and that the LAST FMBR would be MY last. Well, things fell through for now and YOU are making the move next to impossible. I can see how important these rides are to you and you have no idea just how important they are to me as well. We’ve got a good thing going and I can’t wait to see summer unfold. Thanks again for your continued support.”

– Charlie Sears AWLF Founder




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