Photos + words by Charlie Sears



^ This was the first of The Heavy Pedal‘s Suffer Cat series.

The hell is a Suffer Cat and who’s The Heavy Pedal?

The Heavy Pedal is a cycling lifestyle brand based out of Arizona and an alley cat is an unsanctioned race through city streets where riders must go through specific checkpoints before they finish. The Suffer Cat was marketed as an alley cat where ‘suffering’ would be guaranteed and suffering was indeed endured. Like we said above, this race was the first race of the Suffer Cat Series and please allow us to tell you that San Diego set the bar for these races REALLY¬† FREAKING HIGH.



^ The party started at 2pm but the racers didn’t line up until 7pm. For some, this was their first race ever. Others were sponsored riders and some were local mashers who knew the San Diego hills better than most. No one had any idea who would win as it really could have been anyone’s race…


^ But after almost 2 hours, 40 miles, and 2,300+ft in elevation gain, San Diego’s Suffer Cat winner was none other than Alex “Fatts” Kerr.


^ Lucas Binder was riiight behind him and safely secured second place.

***IMG_1448 ^ Billy Christ took home an incredibly respectable third place finish.



^ Ferdinand was the last off the line but the first one back.

“So wait, if he was the first one back, that means he’s the winner right?”

Well, not exactly. He forgot his lights and decided to play it safe by coming back to home base as opposed to killing himself racing around town in the dark with no lights. So, for that, he was awarded the DFL AWLF pin.



^ Team Cretins Captain Rob did a hellofa job corralling everyone and awarding the winner’s prizes.



^ The best part of all this, is that 100% of the $ from the race goes towards Team Cretin’s AIDS/LifeCycle 2016 fundraising goal. Last year, these punks raised over FORTY THOUSAND DOLLAR$. If you’d like to contribute, go here! :


Major thank you to everyone who came out / hosted / sponsored and what not.

The rest of you cities hosting these Suffer Cats, get ready cause The Heavy Pedal brings the ruckus!


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