Photos + words by Charlie Sears


Finally had the time to check out a Wolfpack Hustle event.

Specifically, the 3rd Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit.

I tagged along with San Diego Team Dos Llantas and this is how the day went :

IMG_2033 IMG_1990

^ First of all, it was almost 100°F in Los Angeles. The pavement was definitely hotter so hats off to EVERYONE who raced. I was dying and I was only taking photos!

We made it to the Civic Center around noon but qualifying didn’t start til later so we explored the area and saw the Dew Tour’s Streetstyle was set up for practice. After checking Dew Tour practice out for a ‘hot’ second, we scurried out of the sun and secluded to the shade where the team tents were set up.

***IMG_2009 IMG_2044 IMG_2064 IMG_2254

^ After the tent was set up, everyone registered.

Categories, qualifying, and race schedule went :

Women’s Road, then Men’s Road.

Followed by Women’s Track then Men’s Track.

Track qualifying was 5 laps with your fastest lap being your qualifying lap.

The main track race was 24 laps as fast as you freaking can.


IMG_2105 IMG_2122

IMG_2148 IMG_2207

^ The first qualifying race of the day was Women’s Road.

After shooting these photos of Women’s Road, I had to get out of the sun.


Made it back for Men’s Track qualifiers tho :

IMG_2306 IMG_2304 IMG_2381


IMG_2548 IMG_2559

^ For Men’s Track, there were seven heats were 250 riders battled it out to qualify for the main.

Only 90 could make the cut.

After qualifying there was a brief intermission but then it was on to the MAINS.

(Sorry, not really sorry, I only took photos of the track events.)



^ Women’s Track staging area.


^ All the ladies lined up on the starting line.


^ San Diego’s Madison Dempsey took a spill in qualifying and busted up her chin but that didn’t scare her away from racing in the main!IMG_2769

^ Woooooooooooo the chicks were cruisin!IMG_2805

^ Ash Duban took home the gold and I really wish my flash fired for this shot!

She was QUICKLY followed by reigning champ Jo Celso and Nissy Cobb.

1st – Ash Duban

2nd – Jo Celso

3rd – Nissy Cobb




^ Men’s Track staging area.


^ All the racers lined up… again.

Apparently, there was a pile up off the starting line. I was down in turn 3 with my camera when it happened so I can’t speak to it but this was the re-start.


The below photos don’t do justice on just how fast these guys are shredding :

IMG_2851 IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2948 IMG_2951 IMG_2952 IMG_2963 IMG_2979 IMG_2991

^ After 24 laps, David Santos CRUSHED it winning with a 14 second lead!

1st – David Santos

2nd – Justin Williams

3rd – Rahsaan Bahati



^ Brian Kelley of Dos Llantas was the only one of our tribe to qualify.

He came in an incredibly respectable 13th and proceeded to party like a champion.


Gooood game Wolfpack Hustle.

We should do something on this caliber in San Diego some time…





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