Photos + words by Charlie Sears


August 23rd, 2015.

At 6:30 AM on an overcast morning in San Diego, hundreds (thousands?) of cyclists lined up in South Embarcadero Park for San Diego County Bicycle Coalition’s Bike the Bay. The route was a 25 mile, non-competitive ride over the Coronado Bridge – a bridge that currently is not pedestrian accessible – and around the San Diego Bay returning back to the start in Downtown’s Sea Port Village.

The amount of support involved in this ride is incredible. When you see all the photos in a sec- notice all the cones laid out, all the people stopping traffic, all the volunteers, and you might see how many people WANT to ride their bikes over the one thing they CAN’T in San Diego. Every kind of shredder was there – from kids on BMX bikes to Eliptigos to tandem recumbents to Deco Bikes. All this combined makes for such a fun and family-friendly way to spend your Sunday morning in America’s Finest City.

Bike the Bay is on it’s 8th year and when you’ve witness first hand a ride like this grow over the years, it’s an honor to be a part of it. The Awarewolfs had a booth set up for the first time at one of these so THANKS everyone who stopped by, bought some gear, ate our donuts, or said yo.

K, get ready for a BUNCH of photos :

IMG_3044 IMG_3079 IMG_3183 IMG_3110

IMG_3259 IMG_3293 IMG_3302 IMG_3282 IMG_3320 IMG_3345 IMG_3361 IMG_3379  IMG_3386 IMG_3408 IMG_3429 IMG_3455 IMG_3473

IMG_3504 IMG_3518 IMG_3530 IMG_3533 IMG_3562 IMG_3565 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3579 IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3600 IMG_3608 IMG_3625 IMG_3638 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3683 IMG_3694 IMG_3708 IMG_3716 IMG_3737 IMG_3750 IMG_3760 IMG_3768 IMG_3777 IMG_3785 IMG_3788 IMG_3791 IMG_3799 IMG_3801 IMG_3818 IMG_3832 IMG_3836 IMG_3840

IMG_3851 IMG_3234 IMG_3900 IMG_3874 IMG_3875 IMG_3895 IMG_3859 IMG_3885


After completing the ride, riders were directed to the New Belgium beer garden. Well, maybe not “directed”. More like, ‘entranced’ or ‘allured’ to the New Belgium beer garden. Like flies to light and oh man those beers were tasty!

To cap all this epic off, proceeds from the Bike the Bay ride benefit the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC), which is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to making bicycling better in San Diego. The SDCBC provides educational programs, promotes awareness of bicyclists and bicycling issues in San Diego. They also act as a voice for bicyclists to elected officials and decision makers throughout the San Diego region.


Thanks everyone who came out to the 8th Annual Bike the Bay!

Learn more and join the SDCBC at

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