IMG_5745 IMG_5761

^ Registration looking good!

IMG_5776 IMG_5854

^ Women’s Road. Yes, women’s road.

Format for the Dos Llanta’s SD Summer Crits #3 went like this :

Women’s Road

Men’s Road

Men’s Fixed

MAIN EVENT : Women’s Fixed

Here’s some Men’s Road photos :

IMG_5866 IMG_5889 IMG_5930 IMG_5935 IMG_5938 IMG_5970 IMG_5974 IMG_5976 IMG_5977


MEN’S FIXED :IMG_6009 IMG_6039 IMG_6088 IMG_6090 IMG_6091 IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6099 IMG_6102 IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6122


WOMEN’S FIXED :IMG_6136  IMG_6184 IMG_6185 IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6190

IMG_6149 IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6196 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6205 IMG_6206  IMG_6218


Madison CRRRRUSHED it.

1st : Madison Dempsey

2nd : Jennifer Day

3rd : Katie Leigh


Thanks everyone who helped make these races possible!

Dos Llantas, Julio Boostamante, Black Mountain Bikes, Hub + Spoke, Retrogression, and people like you.

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