^ Team Cretins Team Captain Rob Brouillard and crew came strapped with more than a day’s worth of punk.

Prizes for the games, trophies, and some Leader frames and wheels to DESTROY.

You ever hear about that thing where you pay to go break a bunch of plates?

Punk Olympics was kind of like that.

But, a lot of us rrrrreally don’t like Leader Bikes for one reason or another.

That’s a conversation for a different time; but possibly this place.


On with the games!



^ Throw the frame as far as you can.  IMG_5150

IMG_5236 IMG_5179

^ Horseshoes with bike frames.


^ Tug of war.

IMG_5303  IMG_5377  IMG_5412

^ Many tried but only one succeeded in reeling a frame back to shore.

IMG_5434 IMG_5453  IMG_5529 IMG_5545 IMG_5555

^ Punk Olympics 2015 Foot Down CHAMPS!


^ U-Lock Pick Up. While trackstanding, pick up a U-Lock off the ground. Possible, but hard.

IMG_5056 IMG_5246 IMG_5262 IMG_5278 IMG_5399 IMG_5229 IMG_5333 IMG_5723

IMG_5679 IMG_5672

^ When the sun set, we kept the party going at a different corner of Balboa Park for Dos Llanta’s SD Summer Crits #3.


Thanks everyone who came out to Punk Olympics!


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