Photos / words : Charlie Sears


Sorry. These photos are REALLY bad.

I was soooo incredibly wiped out from Tour de Fat the day before and the thought of trying to mess with flashes to take photos in a pitch black LUNAR ECLIPSE sounded soooo difficult. This FMBR was our 60th though so it HAD to be fun. So, I grabbed my lil Bose speaker, a bunch of AWLF merch, set up at Pioneer Park, and waited for everyone to show up. Spencer, San Diego’s Pabst Blue Ribbon Marketing Guy, brought some brews, games, and essentially, the party. He had PBR KanJam and Cornhole, a remote control cooler, and a tonna other awesome PBR goodies.


^ Doesn’t get more DIY / ‘grassroots’ than this!

“Popup shop” from a backpack.


^ About 40ish showed up to Pioneer Park for our 60th FMBR. We could see the eclipse from a few areas in the park, Bill Withers was jamming on the mini Bose, and people were casually playing games.


^ I did come with all these prizes though so I had to get rid of them somehow.

We were all in such a mellow mood that I decided the best way to get rid of them was to just play the games Spencer brought. If you made a disc in the KanJam thing, or made a bean bag in the Cornhole game, you could just pick whatever you wanted. After I announced that, the discs and bean bags were flying everywhere!

IMG_0186 IMG_0196 IMG_0217

^ After the prizes were gone, it was about 8:30pm.

Time to ride!

I gave the little speech about the moon, went over the route, and we were on our way. We had such a nice ride around Balboa Park and it was interesting to see the moon go through the eclipse and then back to BRIGHT.

We ended at Live Wire where a few of us had a night cap beer and that was #FMBR60.


Thank you so much everyone who came out.

Thank you everyone who has EVER came out on a FMBR.

Can’t believe this was the 60th. Here’s to 60,000 more!

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