Photos / words : Charlie Sears



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I’d guesstimate that 40+ came out to shred under the Full Hunter’s Moon for FMBR61 and the squad that came out was a FAST one. We all were eager to blast off but all the stop lights on Harbor Drive had different ideas. We hit almost evvvvery red light on our way out of Downtown which made us all incredibly antsy. Once we got by the airport, we were able to put the metal to the pedal and let er rip but unfortunately our favorite roller-blader John Hamilton took a spill when once of the spokes in his wheel broke! He got up like a trooper and caught a ride to Ocean Beach Pier where he met up with the rest of the pack.

We hung out on the OB Pier for awhile before the pack dispersed and went their separate ways home.

Me, I went to Pizza Port and watched the Royals beat the Mets in the 14th inning for Game 1 of the World Series.

Thanks everyone who came out. Such a fun night!


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