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A while back, I told you that I was moving to NY – but obviously, I didn’t.

That wasn’t a scare tactic. Things just fell through and NY isn’t really a place you can just “wing it”.

So it was back to the drawing board.

As always, things happen for a reason, and I’m glad I spent this past summer here in San Diego to see some things through.

Such as :

  • Helping get Courier Collective a’rollin. I’m stoked to tell you that I’m not taking ANY of The Awarewolfs merch to NY cause it is now available for purchase IN PERSON at Courier Collective! They’ll also be handling all shipping logistics so orders can still be placed at and shipped ANY WHERE. Yes, even international.
  • I also had some great meetings with Ride4Water to plan more clean water projects. Remember last year we went to El Salvador? From doing that one trip, FOUR other trips are happening – Oaxaca, India, Indonesia and revisiting El Salvador. I’m hoping to head back to El Salvador in March to follow up with everything Ride4Water accomplished on our first trip and can’t wait to see what others do in Oaxaca, India, and Indonesia.
  • Connect Hillcrest. An advocacy committee to get bike lanes placed on University Ave and making University more pedestrian friendly. It was a blast to be a part of and we’ll start campaigning soon. Stay tuned cause we’ll be needing YOUR help.


So, things are looking solid over here in San Diego and I feel comfortable leaving.

I’ve got a job waiting for me in NY and I’m excited to take a step back from everything for awhile.

This isn’t permanent. I’m looking at it more as ‘studying abroad’. NY is tttough and I KNOW I’ll be back.

I just gotta go on this adventure.

I’ll still be posting on the @theawarewolfs social medias and FMBRs in San Diego will still happen. I hope you’ll still go on them and just cause I’m not leading, doesn’t mean they won’t still be a blast.

So until we shred together again, *shakas*


Thanks for everything San Diego.

Love always,


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