All photos / words by Charlie Sears :

@thisischarliesears /


If you don’t know already, I recently relocated to Long Island NY. I’m loving it here and the weather has been so FALL. I’m living near the Jones Beach Bikeway and everyone I asked about it didn’t really know much about it.

So, I figured I’d go see for myself what this Jones Beach Bikeway was all about :


^ This guy points you in the direction of the entrance.

*** IMG_1688

^ The entrance to the Jones Beach Bikeway.



^ “May all who enter here be endowed with her enthusiasm and love of the outdoors.”



^ The roads out here are so incredibly bike UN-friendly that this was a sight for sore eyes. I’ve seen NO bike lanes since I’ve been here and the roads / drivers are NUTS. I couldn’t stop smiling just realizing that I lived so close to such a beautiful bikeway.


^ “Walk bike over bridge?” FUGGEDABOUDIT.


^ Draw bridge.


^ The Nikon at Jones Beach Theater.

***   IMG_1729


^ The boardwalk. Down by the seeeeeea.


^ “The Pencil” – or, Jones Beach Water Tower. Built in 1930, it’s actually a 315,000 gallon water tank which provides water to everything on the beach like restrooms, pools, and that theater.

Speaking of which, my bike could use a bath.

*** IMG_1734

^ After Jones Beach, the bikeway continues along Ocean Parkway and over to Jones Beach Island.


^ BUT, sadly, at Tobay Beach, cyclists must turn around. Such a shame cause it seems like this bikeway could easily connect to the next beach over, Robert Moses.

So, one way, from my place, this ride is about 15 miles. PERFECT. I turned around and headed home.




^ Right down the block from my place, I found an entire box of screws in the street. Some of you may know that I abide by “if you see something that could give you/someone a flat – PICK IT UP” – so, I picked them all up. I should get like a billion karma points and hopefully no flat tires for the rest of my life now.


Grettings, from Long Island.

Love and miss you all.


All photos / words by Charlie Sears :

@thisischarliesears /

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