Photos + words : Charlie Sears / / @thisischarliesears

The other day, I came across these photos from April of 2013 of my good buddy Jordan constructing The Awarewolfs Booth.

IMG_2023 copyFrom late 2012 – June 2015, Jordan graciously allowed me to use a spare room above his garage for everything AWLF. I called the space #33ECB and I must have printed hundreds of orders out of the little room. At one point it seemed necessary to construct this behemoth of a booth.

IMG_2001 copy IMG_1995 copy IMG_1978 copy IMG_2002 copy IMG_1991 copy IMG_2014 copy IMG_2237 copy

Yeah, this thing is HEAVY. It’s made out of reclaimed telephone poles.

I used it for a few trunk shows (link), I used it at The Awarewolfs Hub (link), and used it as a work table for years. Currently, this thing is the desk at Courier Collective.

Recognize it? Neat huh? Just wanted to show you.

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