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Prior to September 2015, I hadn’t owned a car for almost eight years.


But, in the very near future, I knew I would moving cross country to New York.

After weighing out the logistic options, I decided I needed a car and a bike rack. I needed a car to get me, my stuff, my lady’s stuff, and most importantly, our bikes from A to B.

Finding a car was a breeze, but finding a rack proved to be tricky. Maybe because it was October 2015 and I was looking for a rack for a 2016 Ford Escape, I don’t know. But this bike rack hunt began to become extremely terrifying / overwhelming. I had less than TWO WEEKS to get a bike rack before my move so the heat was on. FINALLY, I found a rack that “said” it would fit my car.

The Express “E3” Hollywood Rack.


I knew of Hollywood Racks from my BMX days. One of my friends had a Hollywood Rack and he never took it off his car. Ever. I was part of countless road trips where we had multiple BMX bikes on that rack. I knew these racks “CAN” hold up.

I was skeptical though.

There’s so much garbage out there these days and I was reading all kinds of reviews online about Hollywood Racks. Some good. Some not so good. The ones that worried me were the ones that claimed their rack “slipped” off. It really made me wonder if these people actually installed the rack correctly and if their rack was even made for that car. Had the quality gone down? Is a strap going to snap and all my bikes blow up?

I really hoped not.

IMG_9174 IMG_9225



This Hollywood Express E3 rack is made of steel and has a weight capacity of 120 lbs.

It attaches perfectly, and securely by six straps.

Check out this little tip I highly recommend :


See how in the above picture I tied a knot with the excess strap? DO THAT. Double knot it while you’re at it. This, I believe, will prevent slippage. When you install a car bike rack like this, you want this thing SNUG. And to get these straps snug, and staying snug, I can not recommend highly enough that you tie knots like these.

Also, make SURE this rack fits your vehicle. The Hollywood Rack site has a “FIT LIST” where you can see what racks are designed for your car. Like I said, I purchased this rack in September 2015 for a 2016 car. The Fit List said this rack would work and it in fact did fit just fine.


The day the rack arrived in the mail, I threw my BMX bike on it, and went to a skatepark. (Something I hadn’t been able to do in so long!) As expected, everything went fine with the rack. No slippage, no problems.

Good thing because the next day, I threw my BMX bike (a Mutiny Cosmotron), my State Bicycle Co. Conteder, and my girlfriend’s bike on the rack and started my five day move to New York.

For the next five days, I would be relying on this rack to support the weight of three bicycles from San Diego to New York. This rack NEEDED to not only hold the weight of the bicycles, but also be structurally sound to endure five straight days of all day use. I made plans to stop in Tempe AZ, Amarillo TX, Memphis TN, Somewhere VA, and eventually arrive to Long Island NY. Each night, I took the rack off and brought all the bicycles AND the rack inside my hotel room. (Imagine having the rack stolen off the back of your car in the middle of the night… yeah that wasn’t going to happen.) Each morning, I had no problems putting the rack back on and securely snugging down all three bicycles.



I’m very happy to tell you that I had ZERO issues with the rack on my journey.

For five days straight, I drove roughly ten hours a day with three bicycles on this rack. It folds up and currently stored away waiting for it’s next adventure.

So shout out to Hollywood Racks for making quality racks since 1973!

Check out Hollywood Racks here :

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