Alleycatbertos Flyer Square

Whats “Alleycat-BERTOS” you say!?

It’s an alley cat to pay homage to the horrible, addicting, and wonderful Mexican cuisine San Diego has to offer. There will be three checkpoints that riders will have to race to over the course of about 15 miles. Each of the checkpoints these riders encounter will be a Mexican restaurant that ends in -BERTOS. There will be one surprise twist that riders will have to complete before they can win..

We’re yelling GO at 8:30 and here’s the deetz grrl :



15 + miles / 3 checkpoints / 1 surprise twist.

Prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd MALE / FEMALE from :

The Awarewolfs | Gym Standard | Leader | Chrome | Coffee & Tea Collective

Even though the course is 15 miles, being a spectator will be a blast too. If you’ve never seen one of these go down, come see this one. Better yet, enter the race! These things are great to just ‘casually race’ too. We swear you’ll have a blast..

Oh and the after party is at Live Wire!


We need people to volunteer to run checkpoints and a bunch to film!

Email if you can help out.

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