The FIRST one was on 10/8 and it was awesome.

Here are some words and photos from the first one : HERE

This ride is exactly what it says. FAST.

Here’s all the info – straight from the Facebook event : ( best way to stay in this loop )

“The ride is a weekly fast paced bicycle ride that meets at Coffee & Tea Collective at 7:00pm, leaves at 8:00pm and goes throughout metropolitan and all outside areas of San Diego. All cyclists welcome but should remember to ride safe and within their own limits. Hold your line and be aware of people/cars around you, this is not a race or a mass..

We will also be raffling off 5 brand new, unreleased Coffee & Tea Collective cycling kits. Purchase any Coffee & Tea Collective beverage for a raffle ticket.

Things to bring:

*Your A game

*A positive attitude

*Spare tube


*inflatable recovery boots?

**Coffee & Tea collective, the organizers of this ride and all participants hold no responsibly for any damage of property or bodily harm to any riders and/or people involved or spectating this ride.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Be safe and have fun bike rides!”

speak your peace:

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