It’s that time of year again! Gitchya costume ready!

BE ORIGINAL – your costume shouldn’t be a cyclist, racer, etc…

Fixed Crit / CX Bike Crit



Let’s keep this race FUN and SAFE ok?

This is NOT a closed course.

CX Course will have obstacles and other spooky things

Scout the track. Get there early and do a few warmup laps.

Please respect the space and leave no trace.

After the ride, you could do The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park or we could all go on a little group ride around the park. We’ll play it by ear – invite a friend!


*DISCLAIMER* THE AWAREWOLFS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. The Awarewolfs, and any individual associated with The Awarewolfs, is not responsible for any physical injuries incurred. By attending and / or participating in this event, the attendee / participant fully comprehends that they are entirely responsible for their actions and personal safety during this event.

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