Unfortunately, we had to cancel the last one.

We’re working out the deets for a special one on March 15th.

March 15th is exactly 100 days til the 200 mile ride.


Remember back on June 21st we did that 230+ mile ride down the coast on fixed gears all to raise funds to install clean water filters in Fiji?

Well, we’re doing it AGAIN this year and we’ve partnered with local 501c3 Ride4Water to help them host a series of 5 ‘Training Rides’ to get you / US ready for that 200 mile sufferfest on June 21st, 2014.


The format of this DAWN PATROL will go like this :

Meet at Gelato Vero at 8am – Leave at 9am.

We’re riding to Encinitas. Swami’s Seaside Park to be specific.

How you get there is up to you, if you wanna race, go for it.

If you wanna ride in the steady-paced pack, well, stick with the pack.

If you don’t think you can keep up with the pack, KNOW a route.

If you think you can mash harder than the pack, mash away.

This ride WILL be fast so make sure you and YOUR BIKE are up to it.

Anybike is welcome.

Every man for themselves mentality.

B.Y.O.T.T. – ( Bring your own tools and tubes. )

Rendezvous point is Swami’s Seaside Park.


We’ll be hosting 5 of these rides leading up to the #R4W200 in June.

February : Mount Soledad

March : Swami’s Seaside Park

April : East

May : South

June : North Coastal

June 21st : #R4W200



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